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French for Kids (K-5) Winter 2024

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School-Based Programs

CSL partners with local schools to provide in-school and after-school language programs.  

Fall 2023 Schools:

Battle Academy (after-school Spanish)
Bright School (in-school and after-school Spanish)
Foundations Academy (after-school Spanish)
Good Shepherd School (in-school Spanish)
Highland Plaza United Methodist Preschool (after-school Spanish)
Normal Park Museum Magnet (after-school Spanish)
Northside Learning Center (in-school Spanish)

Rivermont Elementary School (after-school Spanish)
Rivermont Presbyterian Preschool (in-school Spanish) 

...and more! (always growing)

Start Your Own Program!

If your child's school doesn't offer foreign language instruction, or if you homeschool or are a part of a homeschool community in need of a language program, let's start something new!
Email us at [email protected] to get started. 

In the meantime, you can also enroll your child in Kids Group Classes. 

Customized Lessons for Kids

Interested in private lessons or tutoring for your child? 

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Immersion Experiences

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Bilingual Story Time + Immersion Playgroups

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