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f o r   a d u l t s 

Language Socials

Language Socials are FREE meet-ups and local events where language learners in the Chattanooga area can practice and interact in a fun, relaxing atmosphere with other learners and native speakers/signers. 

Open to the public and designed to provide extra support for CSL students, these events create space for participants to pursue humanizing, cross-cultural conversation and connection that is fueled by confident communication.

Upcoming Socials:

More info and dates coming soon for 2023!

Recurring Opportunities: 


A group associated with Culture Chatt where you can regularly practice Spanish!

A Night of Crêpes & French Conversation (monthly):
Hosted monthly by the Tennessee Branch of the French American Chamber of Commerce Southeast at Adelle's Creperie (Chattanooga, TN). 

Italian Meet-Up (monthly):
Gathers on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at Fiamma Pizza Company on the Northshore (map here). Speaking Italian is optional, but there will always be someone there to converse with in Italian if you're interested. If you would like to be on an email list, please message CSL Italian teacher, Leslie Morrow, at [email protected]


Travel Immersion

Activate your language skills, experience new cultures 

Travel Immersion Experiences are designed to activate and develop your language skills as you vacation and experience new places and cultures. 

Serving as host and travel guide for a small group of travelors, a CSL representative encourages communication in the target language as much as possible throughout the trip. 

See details for current opportunities below.

Questions? Suggestions for a trip?

Emmanuel Becquet - Travel Immersion Consultant
[email protected]


 Immersion  Experiences

 f o r   k i d s

Bilingual Story Time

Bilingual Story Times are FREE events where kids and families can engage in the target language together in a fun, relaxing environment.  

Upcoming Story Times:

Every first Saturday of the month (unless otherwise listed) from 10-11am at The Book and Cover, a local independent bookstore on the Northshore of Chattanooga 
German - Saturday, December 10 


French (with Janet) - Saturday, January 7
Spanish (with Liz) - Saturday, February 4
Spanish (with Melissa) - Saturday, March 4
Spanish (with Liz) - Saturday, April 1
TBA - Saturday, May 6
Italian (with Leslie) - Saturday, June 3
TBA - Saturday, July 1
TBA - Saturday, August 5
Spanish (with Liz) - Saturday, September 2
TBA - Saturday, October 7
Spanish (with Liz) - Saturday, November 4
TBA - Saturday, December 2

Immersion Playgroups

Babies are born with the ability to learn any language in the world.

Research shows that the earlier you expose a child to another language, the easier it is for the child to become bilingual and fluent in that language – and with a more native accent! (Not to mention the many cognitive and social benefits of learning another language.)

Immersion playgroups are designed for kids ages 1-3 and their caregivers. They provide an opportunity for a child and his/her caregiver to interact with a CSL teacher and with one another through age-appropriate and engaging songs, movements, books, games, and crafts, all in the target language.

Winter 2023:

Click here to register for winter Spanish playgroups

Click here to register for winter Chinese playgroups

Immersion Day Camps

Dive into new languages and cultures this summer! 

Immersion Day Camps are offered as additional enrichment programs through various, preexisting summer camps in the Chattanooga area. 

Through daily immersion in the target language(s) and culture(s) during a week of camp, our teachers introduce campers to the target language(s) and help them to build cultural awareness and appreciation through play, storytelling, movement, dance, music, art and other hands-on activities. CSL teachers use a holistic approach that is fueled by bodily-kinesthetic, student-driven, and fun activities that make the language and culture come alive!