Magdalena Jesiak

Magdalena grew up in Poland and moved to Chattanooga in 2003. She has always been fascinated with languages and different cultures.Already as a little girl she knew that she would become a language teacher.

She received a master’s degree in Russian Language and Culture in Poland. As a scholarship recipient, she completed her studies at the Pushkin Institute of Russian Language in Moscow. She also studied Spanish at Southern University and Lee University in the United States. She became a certified teacher of Spanish and Russian. Magdalena has 15 years of professional teaching experience in higher education institutions, public and language schools both in the United States and Poland. Her qualifications are not limited to language instructions. She is an active member of Russian and Spanish communities.She loves teaching and sharing her passion with others. As both teacher and learner of other languages, Magdalena is able to teach with sincere enthusiasm and empathy, which greatly impacts her students.