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Learn a language anywhere in the world, at any time.

Our goal with online classes is to provide LIVE, easily accessible language learning opportunities for people all over the world, in a variety of languages. The difference between this program and other typical online classes is that these are LIVE classes. You and your teacher in real time, not some pre-recorded lecture.

Our instructors use Skype to conduct our online live language lessons. It’s easy to use, easy to access, and free to download on your desktop computer, laptop or cell phone.

Want to be sure it’s right for you? We don’t blame you.
We’ll set you up for a FREE 10-minute trial with our language teacher so you can chat about your goals, current proficiency level and schedule directly with our teacher.


  • Classroom size: 1 student (You!)
  • Pricing: $40/hour
  • 6-hour minimum = $240

Discounted Pricing:

10 hours: $35/hr =$350

20 hours: $35/hr with 5% discount = $665

40 hours: $35/hr with 10% discount = $1,260

Email us if you want to get started with your FREE 10-minute trial!