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Pricing & Enrollment

for 10-week terms


For English group classes at CSL,

you choose what you can pay. 


We want to offer high-quality and affordable English classes to as many students as possible! When you pay what you are willing and able, we can provide lower prices for people who cannot pay full price. But if all students choose the lowest price, we may not be able to have a full, 30-hour class.
Please pay what you can! 


All students must also purchase a Ventures English textbook for each level (approx. $20-$30).


This is the actual value of our classes. This price helps us to continue to provide lower price options for people who can’t pay full price.

Option 1


1 payment of $420

Option 1


2 payments of $210

This is a discounted rate for students who cannot pay Option 1.

Option 2


1 payment of $199

Option 2


2 payments of $100

This is the lowest price we can offer.

Option 3


1 payment of $130

Option 3


2 payments of $65



Please share some information with us, and our team will contact you soon!

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