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Homeschool Program

Developing target language skills and increasing cultural awareness for young children and teens through our homeschool language program.

Our language program is founded on the principles of Comprehensible Input, and our focus is language acquisition. Through our program, students will develop a connection and basic understanding of the target language and culture through storytelling and interaction. Classes will be conducted primarily in the target language, and the students will be given the tools to start developing their comprehension skills (reading and listening) and, consequently, their ability to speak and write the language (age appropriately).

Through storytelling and relevant interactions, our language students will learn to understand and use high-frequency structures in the target language. The class will provide a holistic approach to learning a language by focusing on body-kinesthetic, student-driven, and fun activities that make the language come alive.

Registration for the 2018-19 school year is open for Semester 1.

Semester 1:
Starting week of August 20, 2018 | Ending week of November 26, 2018
14 weeks (21 hours total)
*no class November 19-23 for fall break

Semester 2:
Starting week of Jan. 7, 2019 | Ending week of April 15, 2019 *unless otherwise listed in class description
14 weeks (21 hours total)
No class Monday, January 21 in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Classes available in French and Spanish, Beginning levels


Elementary Level 1 (continued from fall semester)

Elementary Level 2 (continued from fall semester)

Middle/High School: Grades 6-12 (continued from fall semester)

Elementary Level 1 (continued from fall semester)

Middle/High School: Grades 6-12 (continued from fall semester)

*Classes require a minimum of 5 students.

Our 14-week classes meet twice a week for 45 minutes/class, totaling 21 hours of in-class exposure to the target language.

All classes take place at the Chattanooga School of Language.
(4122 North Access Road Chattanooga, TN  37415)

Contact us for more information.

We work directly with families and community partners to provide a hands-on, interactive experience for the students. Whether your child needs one-on-one tutoring in a language, or if you just want to expose your child to another language and culture at a young age, we can customize the class to meet your child’s needs and interests.

If you are interested in private, more intensive language lessons, contact us.