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Our small classroom setting provides the perfect combination of successful results and FUN. Students of any language skill can feel comfortable and encouraged as they join others in their journey to learn another language.

To learn more about CSL’s language development standards and various levels of proficiency, click here or give us a call at 423.802.2040 for more input.


Group classes are offered at the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced levels during established 10-week terms throughout the year.

  • Classroom size: minimum of 3 students
  • Pricing (per person): $339 for 10 weeks/20 hours
    [Early bird registration discounts available. Email us to find out the most recent coupon code.]

**View the current term of group classes and pricing.
(prices do not include cost of materials, if applicable)


  • Classroom size: 2 students
  • Pricing (per person): $30/hour
  • 6-hour minimum = $180 per person

Discounted Pricing (per person):

10 hours: $25/hr =$250

20 hours: $25/hr with 5% discount = $475

40+ hours: $25/hr with 10% discount = $900

Email us to set up your own customized lessons.
(prices do not include cost of materials, if applicable)


  • Classroom size: 1 student (You!)
  • Pricing: $50/hour
  • 6-hour minimum = $300

Discounted Pricing:

10 hours: $45/hr =$450

20 hours: $45/hr with 5% discount = $855

40 hours: $45/hr with 10% discount = $1,620

Email us to set up your own customized lessons.
(prices do not include cost of materials, if applicable)


Leaving for a trip to Italy or Costa Rica and don’t want to look like a total tourist? Is your business attractive to the growing international community of Chattanooga? CSL can help you and/or your business organize your very own language class, customized to meet your specific needs and interests. Enrollment is on-going throughout the year, and there is a suggested 12-hour minimum commitment.

  • Classroom size: Varies
  • Pricing: Fees are determined by the number of students enrolled and the length of language training desired. Contact us for more information.

Custom courses include, but are not limited to: (See the Programs tab on our site.)

  • Travel Preparation: Let us prepare you in a crash-course with basic phrases, do’s and don’ts and other necessary words for travel in your foreign country of choice.
  • Workplace Training: Provide your employees with customized on-site language and cultural training that will help prepare them to interact on a more international level.
  • Kids Culture Camps/Language Learning: As a parent, you know the value of exposing your child to languages at an early age. Open their eyes to the world through different cultures and languages!

Gift Certificate

A gift certificate is like cash and can be used to purchase group language classes, private lessons, workshop registrations, language camps, kids classes and merchandise (shirts, hoodies or books).

You can select any of the amounts listed here for the gift certificate but keep in mind the following prices for some of our most popular classes:

  • 10-week group language course: $329
  • 6 hours of private, one-on-one language lessons: $300
  • CSL hoodie: $20
  • Kids classes: $50-$125

You can receive the gift certificate through email, or we are happy to mail it to you. We will contact you once we receive your payment to confirm these details.

If you’re interested in purchasing a gift certificate for a different amount, please contact us.